One of the most challenging obstacles facing new musicians entering the music business is effectively promoting their music and finding people who will listen to their songs. In the midst of determination, self-promotion is driven in emails and numerous My Space account postings with desperate pleas of: “Please listen to my song” and “Tell me what you think of my music”.

It has even gotten to the point where bands are giving away free music with the hopes of expanding their fan base. It is non-debatable how important it is for an artist to have their music heard in order to be successful in the music industry.

However, music has the power to transform lives. Emerging artists should be asking themselves how they can leverage their music and be heard while also improving the lives of others and the communities that surround them.

Music For Awareness provides a solution by utilizing a collaborative business model to give the opportunity for new artists to have their music heard and purchased while simultaneously supporting a Non-Profit organization that is important to them. 

By uniting musicians, fans, supporters and Non-Profit Organizations, Music For Awareness will not only provide a platform to increase exposure to new music, but also assist organizations in the devastating fund loss currently impacting numerous Non-Profit Organizations in need of help.

Established Artists in the industry will provide their leadership by showcasing the various Causes and Organizations they support and spread the importance of giving back to others within their communities and throughout the world.

Non-Profit Organizations will also be able to connect and increase donor support by sharing their Mission Statements to an expanded base of potential supporters.

To further assist individuals in need, The Music For Awareness Foundation is being created to provide Hope Grants as well as Awareness Grants to support those affected by various ailments and diseases such as Cancer, Autism and numerous CNS Disorders.

Music For Awareness provideS an extensive and unique opportunity for both musicians and Non-Profit to unite together to create awareness for numerous causes and to help so many individuals in need.